About us

In 2008, Peter and Yueyuan first met while studying in Japan. As Peter was learning Japanese, he realized he was spending more time looking up characters than actually reading.

Peter continued his studies at Tokyo University, while Yueyuan pursued advanced degrees in Japanese Language/Literature and Comparative Linguistics at Hiroshima University.

Today, with 18 years of Japanese language study under his belt, Peter has a deep understanding of the language, while Yueyuan possesses a broad knowledge of the language's cultural and linguistic nuances.

Drawing on Peter's frustrations with learning the characters and their collective language expertise, Peter and Yueyuan founded Yomu Yomu, a platform designed to make Japanese learning more accessible for learners of all levels.

Yueyuan | Co-Founder

Yueyuan holds a Master's degree in Comparative Linguistics and leads content planning and development at Yomu Yomu. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, dancing, and watching Japanese dramas, with her personal favorite being "Hanzawa Naoki". Yueyuan has a deep appreciation for Japanese cuisine, especially the rich flavors found in different regions. While living in Japan, her favorite thing to do while traveling was trying local ramen.

Peter | Co-Founder

Peter leads product development at Yomu Yomu, drawing on a decade of experience in backend, frontend, and app development. With a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, he combines technical expertise with business knowledge. Peter's passion for language learning is evident through his dedication to studying Japanese and Chinese for over 15 years. Beyond work, he enjoys playing jazz piano and bouldering. The most fulfilling part of his job is creating a product that genuinely helps people achieve their language learning goals.

Makiko | Chief Editor

Makiko specializes in writing stories for all language levels. With a degree in Japanese language teaching education and over 10 years of teaching experience, she has a passion for creating effective learning materials. Outside of work, Makiko enjoys running and learning languages. She has learned English, French, Spanish, Korean, Thai, and Chinese! Her greatest joy comes from seeing her students understand and speak Japanese, helping their dreams become a reality.

Emma | Chief Translator

Emma specializes in proofreading and translating content for Yomu Yomu. Her Japanese and Swedish/English heritage, along with her upbringing in Japan and England, contribute to her bicultural and bilingual background. Emma holds a Mathematics degree from Oxford University and has utilized her scientific expertise in medical and scientific translation projects. She cherishes quality time with loved ones, watching Ghibli movies with her two daughters and playing card games with her son. Emma has a passion for Japanese cuisine, particularly enjoying dishes like tempura, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and teriyaki eel.

Alvina | Translator

Alvina is our Japanese to English translator. She triple-majored in Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies and Marketing at the University of Sydney, and from there she was able to extend her studies to Fudan University, Waseda University, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. During her free time, Alvina enjoys creating digital art, with her favorite style being anime. She often showcases her work at art conventions, where she gets to share her passion with others. She is passionate about food and loves exploring and photographing food for her Instagram.